Master Equipment List


Bowls, small, medium and large, 2 sets

Can Opener

Chef’s knives, 4-5

Cooling rack, 2-3

Cookie Sheets with sides, 2-3 (including jelly roll pan 10” x 15” x 1”; 25cm x 38cmx 2.5cm)

Cutting boards, 4-5

Dishes and cutlery for 8-12 people

Garlic press

Glass baking dish, 9” X 9” (23 cm x 23 cm)

Glass baking dish 9” x 13 “(23cm x 33cm)

Graters, 2

Measuring spoons, 2 sets

Measuring cups, dry and liquid, 2 sets

Mix Master or handmixer

Muffin tins

Oven mitts, 2 sets

Paring knives, 4-5

Pastry blender

Salad spinner

Sauce pans with lids, small, medium and large, 2 sets

Scissors, 2



Spatulas, plastic, 4-5

Strainer/colanders, large, 2


Vegetables peelers, 2

Whisks, 2


Wooden spoons, 4-5

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