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You can cook tasty, healthy meals that your family and friends will love!

The Food Skills for Families program welcomes you into a circle of supportive new friends who, like you, are ready to discover just how much fun healthy cooking can be. You will make the meals yourself, including some favourite dishes and savoury new discoveries featured in our easy-to-use recipe book. You won’t go home hungry – at the end of the class, participants sit down and share the fresh home-cooked meal together.
The benefits of participating will last long after the program. You will find new confidence in the kitchen and skills to shop for the best values in healthy ingredients. You will learn to read food labels, and how to make healthy choices.

What Do Participants Say?

People who have participated in a Food Skills for Families program report that they:

  • Enjoy more fruits and vegetables every day as a result of taking this program.
  • Know more about selecting healthy foods.
  • Cook more meals from ‘scratch’ that include raw or fresh ingredients instead of convenience or packaged meals.
  • Have much more confidence in preparing and cooking healthy foods, trying new foods, applying food safety measures and understanding nutrition facts on food labels.

What Else Can You Tell Me?

The program is taught by trained Community Facilitators in kitchen settings within community host organizations throughout BC. Food Skills for Families is a six-week program and each weekly session is three hours in length. One session is a grocery store tour to help participants learn about label reading and where to find healthy, fresh and affordable foods.

There is no fee to attend and each participant will receive their own handbook full of cooking tips and recipes.

What Will I Learn About?

Food Skills for Families offers a core curriculum of best practice information and skills. That means that the information you learn has been carefully selected by nutrition and cooking experts to give you delicious healthy food, and is taught with proven methods for best results.

Each session addresses a different topic based on the Canada Food Guide:

Session 1: Variety for Healthy Eating
Session 2: Fabulous Fruits, Vegetable and Whole Grain Goodness
Session 3: Meat and Alternatives, Milk and Alternatives and Healthy Fats
Session 4: Planning Healthy Meals, Snacks and Beverages
Session 5: Savvy Shopping (Grocery Store Tour)
Session 6: Celebration!

Who Can Participate?

The program assists participants from the following priority population groups: Indigenous and Punjabi communities, newcomers to Canada, active seniors and people wanting to learn to eat healthy on a budget.

How Can I Participate?

Community organizations offering the Food Skills for Families program register individuals to participate.  Search the calendar below for upcoming programs.

Don’t see a program in your neighborhood but still interested? We encourage you to talk to your local community organization to see if they are interested in hosting a program. Learn how to become a host here.