Become a Host


Requirements to Host a Six-Session Program

Ability to Reach Target Population

  • The host organization must be able to reach at least one of the five priority population groups which are; Indigenous, Punjabi, Newcomers, Low Income or Active Seniors.
  • Ability to Register 12 Participants: The program is designed for 12 participants. Over registration is encouraged if there is a history of no shows among participants. The program should not start until at least 10 participants are registered and Diabetes Canada should be informed if participation drops below 8. ALL participants must be 18 years or older and understand the program’s time commitment of a three hour session once per week, every week, for six consecutive weeks.
  • Creation of a Participant Registration List: The list should include names and phone contacts of registered participants and be provided to the Community Facilitator prior to the program start date.
  • Participant Confirmation: A few days prior to the first session participants should be called and reminded of their registration.

Access to Kitchen Facility

One kitchen site for a total of four hours for six consecutive weekly sessions (thirty minutes for set up, three hours for the program and thirty minutes for clean-up) with the exception of Session Five which takes place at a grocery store.

  • Kitchen with at least one oven (two is preferable), counter space to cook safely and cooking equipment. Required equipment is listed on the Food Skills for Families Master Equipment List is below.
  • Kitchen with space for 10-14 individuals to cook comfortably or a smaller kitchen with a teaching room/area attached that can also be used for food preparations.
  • Teaching area with table and chairs that can comfortably accommodate 14 individuals. This area will be used for the Dining and Discussion portion of the course.

Ability to Provide Child-Minding

In some situations and dependent on the target participant group hosts may be required to provide child-minding services.

Host Summary Report

Following the completion of the program you will be emailed a survey to complete which will take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete.

Food Skills for Families Provides:

  • Train-the-Trainer program for employees of host agencies who wish to become a certified Community Facilitator. When a host agency does not have a Certified Community Facilitator on staff Diabetes Canada will match a Community Facilitator with a host agency if possible.
  • On-going learning and networking opportunities to Facilitators through online webinars.
  • Quarterly Newsletter to Community Facilitators.
  • Cost of the food used in the six session program.
  • Will provide Participation Handbooks, and support materials needed to deliver a program.
  • Support to Community Facilitators before and after delivery of their program.
  • Program coordination, quality assurance and evaluation.
  • If you are interested in hosting a Food Skills for Families program contact Diabetes Canada.

Download a PDF version of these requirements including kitchen equipment list: Food Skills for Families Host Requirements