Food Safe


All Food Skills for Families Community Facilitators are required to have up to date Food Safe certification.

How do I register for a course?

For information on upcoming FOODSAFE courses click HERE.

Does my FOODSAFE certificate expire?

As of July 29, 2013, all FOODSAFE Level 1 certificates issued in British Columbia have a five-year expiry date. FOODSAFE Level 1 certificates issued prior to July 29, 2013, are valid until July 29, 2018. To help FOODSAFE Level 1 certificate holders keep their food safety knowledge up to date, a short FOODSAFE Level 1 Refresher course is offered online by Open School BC. The approximately three-hour refresher course covers all the essentials of the FOODSAFE Level 1 training program. A grade of 80% must be achieved in the exam to be recertified.

How do I get a replacement certificate?

FOODSAFE certificates are issued by the Health Authorities and you will need to contact the Health Authority in the region where you took the course to get a replacement certificate. Click HERE for the Health Authorities contact information.