Share your passion for healthy food and cooking!

Community Facilitators are professional, lay people who have been trained to deliver the Food Skills for Families program at host location in their community in order to build individual and community capacity. Diabetes Canada has a trained a network of over 250 Community Facilitators throughout BC.

The Food Skills for Families program is taught by a Certified Community Facilitator (CF). A CF is someone who:

  • Possesses a keen interest in healthy food and cooking
  • Confident in the kitchen
  • Is passionate about sharing this with others
  • Is food safe certified
  • Is connected to or employed by a current or potential community host organization
  • Can deliver at least one program within six months of attending training
  • Comfortable facilitating to a group and effective communication skills
  • Has experience working with a diverse population: Aboriginal, multicultural, low income and seniors
  • Is able to take the three and a half day training in Richmond or Vancouver, B.C.

For more details please download the complete Facilitator Role Description

For more information on the Certification Program , please contact the Diabetes Canada, Vancouver office.