Sharing the stories of the day around the dinner table is an essential part of life! So, it is only fitting that the food served is healthy, nutritious and delicious.

The Punjabi curriculum teaches healthy ways of cooking many tasty traditional recipes, including healthy dahlia, rajma with paneer and five-vegetable curry. The curriculum also introduces recipes from other cultures, such as mouth-watering whole wheat crust pizza made from scratch and hearty beef tacos. It’s much more than just a cooking program, and the classroom setting provides an outlet for community members to connect and form lasting friendships.

The Punjabi participant handbook is translated into Punjabi using a simple dual-language format. Using this valuable teaching aid, participants get a jumpstart on how to interpret recipes as well as the food packaging and nutrition labels they encounter in the supermarket.

With renewed confidence in shopping and wonderful new recipes to try at home, the Food Skills for Families program will provide the whole family with benefits for a lifetime.