The Food Skills for Families program offers a standardized best practice core curriculum that has been professionally designed by dietitians and educators. The curriculum is built on Canada’s Food Guide and adapted to meet the needs of five specific groups: Indigenous, Newcomers, Punjabilow income and Active Seniors.

While the program is designed for these five groups, it is applicable to those who want to prevent or manage diabetes and other chronic diseases, and to optimize their family’s health through renewed shopping and cooking skills.

The six-session curriculum involves learning components and hands-on cooking. Each session is three hours in length and taught by a Food Skills for Families Certified Community Facilitator.  Session topics include:

Session 1: Variety for Healthy Eating
Session 2: Fabulous Fruits, Vegetables and Whole Grain Goodness
Session 3: Meat & Alternatives, Milk & Alternatives & Healthy Fats
Session 4: Planning Healthy Meals, Snacks and Beverages
Session 5: Savvy Shopping (Grocery Store Tour)
Session 6: Celebration!

Participant Handbooks

Each participant receives an easy to use handbook filled with helpful tips and healthy, tasty recipes. A handbook has been designed for each of the five groups to meet their unique needs.